The Cookie That Did Not Crumble

Have you ever heard of Cookie Gilchrist?

He was considered by many to be the AFL equivalent of Jim Brown; a powerful rugged runner who was as outspoken as he was fearsome. But for many football fans, Cookie Gilchrist is an unknown, That fact is sad in its own right, considering his amazing talent as well as his efforts to make professional football an establishment that treated all of its players fairly and equitably.

In his book, “The Cookie That Did Not Crumble,” author Chris Gabarino chronicles the amazing career and life of perhaps the best football player you’ve never heard of.

What’s even more amazing about this book, is that Gabarino’s background isn’t as a writer, he was a retired NYPD detective who befriended a severely ill Gilchrist — via Facebook, no less — during the last year of Cookie’s life.

Before Gilchrist died, Garbarino promised him he’d tell his story and, when no publisher or author was interested, he decided to do it himself, in spite of a total lack of writing experience, unless you count police reports.

The book is an extremely educational and fascinating read. It’s available as a NOOK book at B&  

To learn more about Gilchrist and his story, listen to the Gotham Gridiron podcast interview with Barbarino:


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